Engineers: Saving Jazz, also known as Engineers 5, is an American science fiction action film that serves as the 5th installment in the Engineers series, and the direct sequel to Engineers: Jazz. The film is written and directed by Elliott Chung and produced by Cinema Planet Studios. 

The main cast of the film series is again re-branded in this entry, with the main cast expanded to Bobby, Matthew, Jazz, Roddnix and Green Beam (the latter 2 are newcomers) as while Wendy remains absent. 

Plot Synopsis:

Bobby and Jazz are thrown into a deadly gladiator game and they realize that contestants are out to get them unless they amass as much protection as they can.


  • Bobby Pearson, a computer and robotics engineer who is a founding member of the team; the main protagonist  
  • Matthew Chung, a Korean-American robotics engineer and soldier and a founding member well-armed with a blue-white robotic suit 
  • Jazz Nakagawa, Matthew’s Japanese girlfriend and a former Trigger-Combatant 
  • Roddnix, a Scottish engineer armed with an army-green robotic suit
  • Green Beam, Roddnix’s brother armed with a bright green robotic suit 
  • Kazino Red, an anger-driven psychopath obsessed with dictatorship and brutality; the main antagonist 
  • Crushmonger,